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Wine Styles

White wines can be refreshing and quenching or rich and complex – or anywhere in between.

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There's so much variety in the world of red wine that you can always find something new to discover!

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Let yourself fall in love with a rosé! They're refreshing and flavourful, and will surprise you with their versatility – on their own at a casual get-together or paired with a variety of your favourite dishes and snacks.

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The wines you love… with bubbles! Sparkling wines can be white, rosé and even red. They come in a range of styles from dry to sweet, with drier styles pairing beautifully with food, especially appetizers. Why wait for a celebration?

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Talk about rich and dramatic! These intense, full-bodied wines are produced in most warm-climate countries. They’re blended with grape alcohol and range in style from from dry to sweet.

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Some of your favourite varietals… but sweet. These wines are naturally sweet thanks to very ripe fruit. Typically served with dessert, they range from lightly sweet to luscious and everything in between.

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