Aged Spirits to Sip, Savour and Give

Featuring bold rums, smoky single malt Scotch and elegant Irish whiskey, this winning collection of aged spirits delivers depth, complexity and a satisfying finish. Any one of these would make an exceptional gift!


Bold Rums

Fine rum gets even richer with age, ready to be enjoyed like a whisky — by itself or with just one cube of ice.

Heavenly Highlanders

Oak and fruit flavours blend seamlessly with a spirited, smoky elegance in Highland whiskies. You’ll also taste the heather that covers the moors.

Smoky Single Malts

Island whiskies reflect the rugged character of the Atlantic coastline. Islay yields complex, smoky malts, while Skye imparts peaty, citrus notes.

Irish Classic

A blend of malted and un-malted kiln-dried barley (and a different spelling) distinguishes Irish whiskey from Scotch.